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Nourishing ingredients

All natural, high quality ingredients sourced straight from the earth - just the way nature intended. Hand-crafted in small batches.

Australian made & owned

Born in Byron Bay, the local and community vibe prevails and continues to be the hub for The Monday Food Co.


We prioritise ‘gut friendly’ ingredients to ensure your insides are being looked after. It all starts in your gut, so nurturing it with good quality food is the best way forward.

Meet Indi - Founder of The Monday Food Co

My love for healthy and enjoyable food was the beginning of The Monday Food Co. I discovered that there was a lack of truly nourishing and readily available paleo, keto and organic breakfast options. This was how I initially started, with offering some incredible paleo granolas. Now The Monday Food Co supplies a huge range of delicious new flavoured keto granolas. 

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Byron Bay

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