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Developing Morning Rituals

Posted by Belinda Sutton on
Developing Morning Rituals

Whether you yourself are a morning bird that leaps out of bed with the first ray of light, or if you tend to hit snooze a dozen times before rather reluctantly crawling from the covers towards the kettle, having a gentle morning routine can be beneficial in setting you up for a positive day and nurturing your body, mind and soul.  

You may have an hour to yourself at the start of the day, or perhaps more realistically, you have 15 or 20 minutes where you can take a few moments for yourself before the world engulfs you!

If you often feel frazzled when you leave the house each day, take a look at some of the suggestions below and create a routine that works for you. When your own cup is full, it easily overflows into all aspects of your life.

Self Care-

-Move your body! Upon rising is a great time to wake up your body with a little movement. Try a nourishing, activating yoga sequence, go for a gentle run, take your dog for a walk or do some form of activity that you enjoy. 

-Don’t skip breakfast! Make the time to enjoy a nutritious and tasty breakfast- try whipping up a smoothie, slather some avocado on grain toast, dollop some coconut yogurt over muesli or whip up a batch of healthy muffins or fruit loaf on the weekend that makes your weekday breakfasts quick and simple. This will also kick start your digestion and sustain you for the morning ahead.

-Try putting on some of your favourite music in the morning or reading a favourite quote for the day ahead. Setting the scene at this time of the day can really help you switch into a positive mindset, whatever the day ahead may bring.

-Take a moment to find three things that you are grateful for each day. This practice has the power to literally change the way your mind words- give it a try and see for yourself!


- Try adding a little meditation practice into your day. It can be five minutes or twenty five minutes! Simply focus on clearing your mind, breathing deeply and letting everything else go.

-Try switching your morning coffee for a cup of herbal tea. Coffee is very acidic and stimulating so try opting for a nourishing cup of herbal tea in the morning that will ground your nervous system and keep you clear and focused for longer.


-Choose one thing you would like to focus your energy on for the day ahead- maybe you wish to be more patient, more optimistic, more open minded or even focus on practicing boundaries with saying yes or no to things that present themselves.

-Be mindful. In this day and age with the dominance of technology and our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to feel scattered and pulled in various directions. Try to avoid social media for at least an hour after waking if you can- this will give you more time for your self-care rituals! 

Try selecting one or two of these suggestions to work into your mornings. Create a routine that suits you and prepares you to leave home feeling on top of your game. 

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